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Who wouldn’t like an extra pair of big, strong arms in their kitchen? Someone to take over kneading the dough or mashing the potato while you get on with melting the butter? Whether you’re whipping, kneading, or even spiralling, stand mixers are that helpful muscle for whatever storm you’re cooking up. Dinner or desert. Well it’s completely possible with an affordable stand mixer!

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A stand mixer is a stationary, motor-powered mixer that continually churns large quantities of ingredients at a consistent pace for any period of time you want. A basic mixer comes with three blade attachments: a whisk, beater, and dough hook. But, for an extra penny, you can get attachments that roll and cut pasta, grind meat, make ice cream, or slice and dice veg.

Now, top of the line stand mixers are hundreds of pounds. But it’s possible to grab yourself a pretty nifty one and improve your performance in the kitchen for much less.

Why you need a Stand Mixer

These kitchen staples have charmed their way into the heart of many kitchens across the world, home-bakers and professionals alike. But why? What’s so good about a stand mixer? 

Put it this way, there’s a reason they use them on Bake Off.

Firstly, stand mixers are more efficient at combining ingredients than a human could ever be. If a recipe requires a lot of mixing or kneading, a stand mixer will achieve better results faster than you could, while also allowing you to get on with other steps. As opposed to flesh and bone, stand mixers don’t depend on muscle or have the option of fatiguing, so they’re undoubtably your best option if you’re looking to produce something thorough and fast.

The attachments mean you can use a stand mixer for anything. And we mean, anything. Fancy some mashed potato, sorbet? Brioche, pasta? Just owning one of these will expand your usual menu and open up the door to a whole new culinary world. Recipes that have previously seemed out of reach will become attainable. If you’re looking to push the boat out with cooking even a little bit, having a stand mixer is a must. How else will you achieve those stiff peaks of meringue?

Stand mixers are a life-time investment. They’re sturdy and built to last, often coming with long warranties. Besides, plugging one into your kitchen wall is like switching to faster broadband; once you do, you’ll never look back. 

They also have the added bonus of making cooking and baking extremely accessible to those with a disability.

What to look for in an Affordable Stand Mixer

Ranging from around £40 to £600, there are many models to choose from. And if you’re looking to keep costs down, then it’s important to know what to look for in the one you do choose.

Make sure your stand mixer has enough horsepower for your particular cooking needs – for example, if you’re going to be making lots of bread, then choose a model with strong motor power, such as 1000 Watts, and a big enough mixing bowl, like 5.8 Litres. You need a heavy-duty machine like this if you’re going to regularly bake. But keep in mind, this will tip you towards the pricier end. 

If you’re an experimental chef, check that it has the attachments and setting options you need to make the types of food you want.

KitchenAid is the biggest and brightest player in the stand mixer industry, but if you’re looking for good quality and less money, there are some other reputable brands to pay attention to like Kenwood and Bosch. 

Best Affordable Stand Mixer

Keeping all this in mind, we’ve had a hunt for the best affordable stand mixers out there right now for you to choose from:

Breville Classic Combo Stand and Hand Mixer

At £40, this is not only the cheapest stand mixer we found on Amazon, it’s also one of the multi-functioning ones.

Breville Classic Combo Stand and Hand Mixer, Electric Hand Whisk and Stand Food Mixer, 3.7 Litre Stainless Steel Bowl, Swivel Control, Whisk, Dough Hooks and Beaters [VFM031]
  • 2-in-1 Technology: Detachable electric hand whisk and stand mixer with powerful 250 W motor, thumb-tip speed selection and one-touch turbo boost
  • Hand Mixer: Ergonomic, lightweight design offers freedom and versatility; suitable for quick tasks like making buttercream, cupcakes and pancake batter
  • Stand Mixer: Saves tired hands from time-consuming projects like bread and pizza dough; just add your ingredients and get on with other tasks

It can act as both stand and hand mixer, as the electric hand whisk is detachable. With a 250W motor and one-touch turbo boost, it will be able to sort out your fairly basic mixing or beating needs while you get on with something else. If you’re looking for a cheaper mixer to help with some pretty simple baking, then this one seems to have made some customers very happy. Don’t miss out on the heat-soft function! 

Kenwood Prospero Compact Stand Mixer Kitchen Machine

However, if you’re a hardcore baker with big ambitions, then you might consider spending a little more.

Kenwood Prospero KHC29 BOWH Compact Stand Mixer Kitchen Machine 4.3 Litre Bowl 3 Bowl Tools Jug blender 4.3L bowl 1000W White
  • A powerful 1000W motor that is sure to give you many years of durability, reliability and strength.
  • Jug blender attachmed included for added versatility
  • Compact design, ideal for use in kitchens where space is at a premium.

This £99 Kenwood stand mixer is the most expensive affordable stand mixer we rustled up from Amazon. With a 1000W motor and 4.7L stainless steel bowl, it will definitely be able to handle all the dough you throw at it. A more compact version of their bigger model, this little beauty is designed to fit unobtrusively in a small kitchen while providing some big muscle. And as it’s a Kenwood, it has the famous planetary mixing action to ensure all your ingredients are blended thoroughly.

Bosch Kitchen Mixer

A middle-range player, this £84 Bosch stand mixer has a 600W motor, a multi-motion drive for seamless blending, and a 3.9L stainless steel bowl.

Bosch MUM4 MUM4807GB Kitchen Mixer 2.7 kg, 600 W - White/Stainless Steel
  • Classic designed kitchen machines, boasting exceptional Bosch quality and a wide range of accessories
  • 3.9 Litre capacity, maximum dough capacity 2.0 kg
  • Attachments Include: Stainless steel dough hook, beater and whisking attachment

It’s a step up from the Breville if you’re looking to do some simple home-baking or cooking, and it comes with a wide range of accessories for you to have a play with – including a patisserie set! With a 2-year warranty, why not give it a go?

LSQ Handheld Stand Mixer

Coming in a close second on the low end of the price scale, this £45 stand mixer also has the special trait of being handheld when needed.

LSQ Handheld Stand Mixer, with Stainless Steel Bowl, Desktop Eggbeater Beat Cream Baking Machine Dough Hook Beater Suitable for Home Kitchenn,Black
  • The 150W power motor meets almost all household mixing requirements, whether it's whipping cream, smashing flour or mixing dry and wet ingredients.
  • You can control the speed range from very fast whip to very slow agitation. 7 speed lets you control. The vertical mixer is equipped with dough hooks, agitators and agitators to meet different mixing requirements.
  • The tilting head design makes it easy to get into the mixing bowl. When the vertical mixer is in operation, the splash guard helps to add ingredients and avoid splashing.

The tilting head design makes it easier to change this mixers attachments and get them into the mixing bowl. However, with only 150W power motor, this stand mixer wouldn’t be the ideal choice for a sudden bread-making obsession. If you’re sticking more to everyday usage, this will let you whisk, beat, or knead to your hearts content.

Elegant Life Stand Mixer

We’ve saved our sleekest, and most powerful affordable stand mixer until last. For only £73, it has a 1500W power motor – a steal! The Elegant Life Stand Mixer also has the biggest bowl of the lot at 5.8L.

But not only is it powerful, it’s designed to have a lower operation noise. Efficient unobtrusive baking? Yes please. It’s also been thoughtful designed, with a splatter shield to protect you from drips and spills, and a tilt-head that allows you to change accessories with ease. A must have in any kitchen.

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