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A hot glue gun basically warms up glue that can be applied as hot liquid glue that then dries quickly when it cools, giving a strong and secure fix. Most hot glue guns have a place in the bottom to insert the glue sticks (thermoplastic adhesive) that then get melted by the gun during use. Glue guns are fantastic for hobbies, arts and crafts, woodwork and fixing things around the home in DIY.

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Best Glue Gun UK under £10

Glue guns don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact the best glue gun on Amazon is this TOPELEK 20W Mini Heating Hot Melt Glue Gun. It’s easy to use with a simple on/off switch and heats up quickly. It’s also excellent value for schools and universities as well as for home use.

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I’ve used this glue gun with fabric and wood and it works a treat. The glue gun comes with 50 sticks of glue to get you started.

The only down side to this glue gun is that it is not cordless, and sometimes, the wire can get in the way during use on projects, and so I am also going to check out the best cordless hot glue guns on the market.

Best Cheap Cordless Glue Gun UK

TOPELEP also do a good value cordless glue gun which is this one. It’s easier to use without the cord, but bear in mind that this one is only 15 Watts.

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It comes with 10 pieces of glue and is rechargeable.

Best Overall Hot Glue Gun

If you can stretch your budget slightly, go for this

Bosch Home and Garden Cordless Glue Gun PKP 3.6 LI (with Integrated 3.6 V battery, in carton packaging)
  • 3.6 V lithium-ion battery technology - no memory effect, no self-discharge, always ready to use
  • Automatic glue retraction mechanism - No dripping
  • 15 second heat-up time - Always ready to use

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