Willful Smart Watch

Willful Smart Watch

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Wow. When you look at everything the Willful Smart Watch does, see the price, then go back to look at everything it does again to check you read it right, the one thing you won’t be wondering is how our favourite smart watch on the market is an Amazon best seller. In fact, it is lucky that so many people have already bought this incredible bargain (and rated it 4.5/5 stars!), just so you can believe it is real. At only £36.99, this watch still manages to pack in everything the more expensive options offer and looks absolutely fantastic while doing it. It’s one of the best smartwatches under 1000.

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The first thing we love about this product is it does the simple things well. The heart rate monitor, calorie counter and pedometer all work as well as anything we have tested and make keeping on top of your health that much easier. Fair warning though, if you get one each for you and your partner, be prepared to get into some serious competitions over who can rack up the most steps… (I’m adamant I am only losing because I have longer legs, probably)

Willful have not disappointed with the more technical functions either. Whether you want to see notifications as they arrive, pause or skip music while on the move, or find your phone after it mysteriously disappears for the sixth time in a day, this smartwatch has got you covered. The only slight issue we have found with this watch, and it really is slight, is that if you somehow manage to get out of Bluetooth range of your phone, you will often have to quickly reconnect for these functions to work again. Definitely not a deal breaker, just something to remember to avoid those frustrating couple of seconds when your music doesn’t play and the whole world is against you.

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As we have all learned the hard way though, all the fancy technology in the world is useless if you never get to actually, well, use it. This is something the designers over at Willful have definitely not forgotten, and every aspect of their intelligent timepiece has been perfected for usability.

Not only does the battery last around a week of heavy usage to minimise frustrating low battery warnings at the most awkward times, but the watch is also waterproof. This means that come rain or shine, accidental spills or forgetful baths, the Willful Smart Watch will keep reminding you to get those steps in.

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Don’t worry if you are a technophobe either. This watch’s clear user interface and simple design, with thankfully little on screen clutter, means that even the most technologically averse (trust us here, we tried it on parents, grandparents, and even a great uncle, and as soon as glasses were found it went down without a hitch), will have it up and running in no time. And once you have got it working, multiple themes will allow you to match the interface to a style that truly suits you, while the easy brightness adjuster will make sure you can see it in even the most dazzling sunlight. 

All this is combined with a beautiful product, that sits right at home with even the most expensive smartwatches available. Save money, go for quality, get smart today.

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